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Helping Your Child with their Social Skills

Social skills are crucial when it comes to your child’s ability to interact with others. Not only other children that they’re close to, but people of all different ages and backgrounds. It’s important that parents try to find ways to help their children develop these skills, using the following advice from a childcare provider in Richmond.


Encourage Socialisation

Your child will never develop their social skills if they are not given opportunities to practise. With that said, you should arrange plenty of playdates for them and introduce them to your own friends. Perhaps you could consider sending them to nursery if they don’t already attend, as this will provide them with additional opportunities to socialise. You could also encourage them to join some extra-curricular clubs like a sport or choir, so that they can meet other like-minded children.


Praise Compassion

If you notice your child demonstrating kindness to someone in one way or another, be sure to praise them for it as this will encourage them to do the same thing in the future. For instance, you could say “it was really nice of you to share your toys with your friend, I’m sure that made them feel happy” or “I’m proud of you for offering to help your brother today”. Likewise, if you notice your child behaving unfavourably, let them know that it won’t be tolerated.


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Talk About Feelings

Help your child learn to empathise by talking about feelings. Teach them that their actions can impact how a person feels. If they are mean, they will upset someone, whereas if they are kind and helpful, they might lift someone’s spirits.


Teach Different Greetings

Your child will struggle with social interactions if they don’t know how to greet people. So, teach them how to say hello and introduce themselves. Explain that asking a person plenty of questions will help keep the conversation flowing, as long as these questions aren’t too personal. For instance, they could say “how are you?” or “what did you get up to this weekend?”.

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