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Parenting Just for Fun

10 Best Current Kids’ TV Themes

Deep in a YouTube rabbit hole one night, I found a vid from a jazz festival. In it, the composer of the Grange Hill theme was covering another great theme – Grandstand. It struck me at that point that we’re long removed from the golden era of TV themes that both tunes were from, as …

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Business & Careers

How Investing in Technology can Save Your Business Money

Ad It’s not just the general public that spiraling energy bills and cost-of-living increases have affected; many businesses too have had to cut their cloths accordingly to ensure that they survive through this tricky financial period. Factory-based businesses in particular will notice a surge in their utility bills, while almost all companies will take at …

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personalised gift ideas for father's day header

Personalised Gift Ideas for Father’s Day

Ad As a dad, Father’s Day is my favourite event in the calendar (well, after Christmas, Pancake Day and St Patrick’s Day at least). Sure, I get to have a lie in, but the most important part is seeing that your kids care enough to celebrate it with you. I’ve had some lovely gifts over …

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