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Beer52 Review – Cheers or Jeers?

There’s a glut of subscription beer companies popping up at the moment, but this Beer52 review breaks down one of the more well-established names in the game. Is Beer52 any good though? I took it upon myself to perform the arduous task of supping several tinnies of premium craft beer to find out for you. What me? A hero? Stop, you’re making me blush!


Beer52 Review

Picture the scene: I was housebound, unable to get to the shops, and my beer provisions were dry. I needed to get some decent ale in, stat. This is how I ended up ordering a Beer52 box.

I’d not really considered any of these subscription services before: I’m no craft beer aficionado, and a 4-pack of Guinness from the off-licence works out a little cheaper. I was in a pickle though, and although I’m no beer buff, I do love some of these posher ales when I get chance.

Beer 52 unopened box
Yeah, it even comes in a fancy little box. Read on for the full Beer52 review.


What is Beer52?

Beer52 is a premium craft beer subscription service founded in 2013. You set up a rolling monthly payment, and Beer52 surprise you with a bunch of fancy beers that they’ve curated.


Where is Beer52 based?

Beer52 is based in Edinburgh, Scotland.


Who owns Beer52?

Fraser Doherty and James Brown (no, not that one). The story goes that Brown hit upon the idea for a curated beer box after sampling different drinks on a motorcycle trip across Europe with his father. He realised that a lot of the amazing ale he was drinking would be nigh-on impossible to buy back in the UK.


What beers do you get in a Beer52 subscription box?

I don’t know.

No seriously, I’ve no idea. That’s the draw for me though! I love opening up the box and seeing what mysteries await. Apparently the company started out curating themed boxes from different countries and stuff. That doesn’t seem to be the case now, as you kind of get a lucky dip of beers from all over the place.

You do get some control over your box however. When ordering, you can choose light-coloured beers (IPAs, lagers, blonde ales), or a mixed case which throws in darker beers like stouts and porters. Loving a pale ale, I opted in for the lighter box. After seeing some of the cool-looking beers I’m missing out on in the mixed boxes though, I’m tempted to try changing it round for my next delivery (you can swap and change whenever you want).

The worry with someone else cobbling together a beer selection for you, is that they’ll pop a couple of premium tins in and fill the rest out with cheap duff. Thankfully that hasn’t been the case so far with Beer52; although there’s obviously been a couple that I haven’t enjoyed as much as others, they’ve all been quality beers that have at least been interesting.

national women's day beer included in Beer52 collection

Do you get any free gifts with Beer52?


I mean, don’t go expecting anything too incredible, but you do get a couple of little extras each month.

As seems to be the usual with these subscription boxes, you get a wee snack packet smuggled in amongst your tins. It’s usually a packet of Love Corn roasted corn kernels. These are lovely, but a bit of variety on the snack front wouldn’t go amiss. I maybe got some sweet chilli crackers one month, but they got snaffled pretty quickly by the wife I so can’t be sure. Anyway, it’s usually a small pack of Love Corn.

The other free gift will be a big draw if you’re into craft ales. Beer 52’s Ferment magazine is actually a pretty decent mag in its own right. Given the lack of other beer publications, this might just sway you Beer 52’s way on its own.

Me? I’m not too fussed about the ins and outs of the craft beer industry, but I do enjoy the tasting notes of the beers in the back. Unlike some others (cough, cough, Flavourly), the beers featured are the ones you receive in your box.

Oh, I got a free book one month too! It was all about the origins of craft beer. Not really for me, but again, if you’re a bit of a craft beer nut, Beer52 has you covered.

Everything included in the Beer 52 review box


Is Beer52 good value?

Well, it depends.

If you’re planning on stocking up for a massive party or having the lads over for the football, then probably not. You’ll always be able to get lot more run-of-the-mill beer for your cash down the shop.

If you like to treat yourself to the odd premium beer at home though, then yeah, I’d say it’s pretty decent.

These are beers I’d never find down the booze aisle in Morrisons, and the wife and I enjoy trying all the fancy ales as a wind down when the kids are finally in bed. I looked at the prices of a few other boxes, and some of them are outrageous! I like a beer, but I’m also a northerner: I’m not paying over a fiver for each little can!

Beer52 isn’t cheap as such, but it’s certainly better value than a lot of competitors. Looking at the quality of the beers, I’d say the pricing is pretty fair. As you could probably ascertain throughout this Beer52 review, I decided to carry on the subscription.

I didn’t intend to! I’m usually all about getting the intro discount and doing a runner, but we’ve found that we look forward to our cheeky box of hoppy surprises each month. Which segues nicely into offering up a Beer52 promo code so you can give it a bash yourself.


How long does Beer52 take to deliver?

Beer52 usually take 2-3 days to deliver, though they do offer a next-day delivery service too. I’ve had a couple of delayed boxes, but only by a few days.


An odd looking can of craft beer

Does Beer52 deliver to USA?

No. I’m afraid Beer52 does not deliver to USA. In fact, they don’t ship internationally at all.


Is it easy to cancel Beer52?

Yes, it’s easy enough to cancel Beer52. You can’t do it on the website though, so you’ll have to ring 0131 285 2684 during normal office hours.

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If you’re thinking of giving it a whirl, then why not get 50% off a case of 8 beers!
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Beer52 Review: Is Beer52 any good?

Yes, Beer52 is pretty good. If you want to make your evening tipples a bit more interesting, then it’s a no-brainer. The bundled magazine is decent, and the snacks are tasty enough. It’s the beers themselves that are the star of the show though. If you’re the type that always orders the same food from the same restaurant because you ‘know what you like’, then a mystery beer box perhaps isn’t for you. For everyone else, the half price box you’ll get from that link above is definitely worth a look. You can always cancel afterwards, though as you can see from me begging for clicks on my link, you might just get a taste for these fancy cans!


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