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Flavourly vs Beer52 – Splash of the Titans!

It’s a clash of the beer subscription titans: Beer52 vs Flavourly! Both have their fans, but which one should be ringing your doorbell with their premium box of beers? Each has its strengths and weaknesses, so I’ve broken this match-up down into handy sections to allow you to see who prevails in the areas most important to you. Let battle commence! Ouch, I brews easily!


Flavourly vs Beer52

Recycling box full of Beer52 and Flavourly cans
Whichever way you go in this Flavourly vs Beer52 showdown, your recycling box will be the envy of your neighbours.

Variety – What’s in the box?

Flavourly stock a wide range of beers, though it’s fair to say that most would connect via Venn diagram to an IPA circle. They also offer exclusive collaborative beers with different breweries, so there’s some that you won’t be able to find elsewhere. The downside of all these Flavourly collaborative beers however, is that they tend to make up a large part of a lot of their mixed cases, making it likely that you’ll come across them again and again.

Although I’ve occasionally found beers from the same brewery, I’ve yet to receive an exact duplicate from Beer52. The curating of different beers is more in line with Beer52’s remit than Flavourly’s, so perhaps it isn’t quite fair to judge on variety alone. It is worth mentioning that there’s even some choice in what type of box you receive from Beer52: a light beer box, or a mixed case that include heavier stouts and porters.

Verdict – If variety is the spice of life, then Flavourly’s a vanilla korma and Beer52 is a lava vindaloo. Beer52 takes this round easily.


An odd looking can of craft beer

Value – How much is it?

This is the area in which Flavourly really excels. Look around and try to find another 20 mixed craft ales for £30. Spoiler alert – you’ll struggle. These are similar prices to your local Co-Op, but with far more variety. If you’re dipping your toe into the water of craft ales, or simply want to stock your fridge up, Flavourly is cheap enough to allow it.

Of course, value is subjective. A case can be made that the ale Beer52 delivers is of a slightly better quality, and thus deserving of a higher price tag. There’s some sublime beers that find their way into the box each month, along with a better magazine, and even the occasional paperback book, yet the price never fluctuates.

Verdict – Beer52 offers reasonable value, but Flavourly walks this round, with many beers available at around £1.50 a can.


Freebies – What extras do I get

Both will offer you a snack in each case. These will be very similar whichever service you go for, that is to say tasty but tight on the portion size. Often a pack of roasted corn kernels.

Both also offer a magazine in every box. Flavourly’s is fine, but Beer52’s Ferment magazine is far superior, and has tasting notes for the actual beers you’ve received inside.

If you’re willing to give up two cans, Flavourly will sometimes throw in a pair of decent-quality drinking glasses. While Beer52 meanwhile, surprised me one month with a paperback book all about the origins of craft beer.

Verdict – Very similar offerings, but the better magazine just pushes Beer52 ahead by a nose.


Flavourly free gifts

Customer Service

A tricky one for me to judge, given that I’ve had no problem with either company. A friend of mine however, reported problems having his first Beer52 box shipped, though that has since been rectified.

Flavourly have consistently surprised me with their speed of delivery (though the cans almost always reach me a little ‘dinged-up’). They’re also one of the few companies that I’d recommend signing up to their mailing list for. You’ll receive a couple of decent-looking deals each week (these seem to be how they usually entice me in!).

Verdict – Another close one. Despite the odd dented can though, Flavourly’s prompt delivery just edges this round.


So, Flavourly vs Beer52. Who’s the winner?

Erm, it’s a draw.

Woah, stop shaking that fence I’m sat on! Look, both have their strong points: Beer52 for variety, exploration, and premium quality; and Flavourly for good craft beer at great prices. I use both for different things. I wouldn’t necessarily sign up for a subscription of curated beers from Flavourly, but by the same token, I can’t afford to stock up my fridge using Beer52.

Hold on though, there is one winner here.

And it’s you! For I have discount code links for Flavourly and Beer52 that will net you £5 off the former and 50% off the latter!

Disclaimer: This isn’t an advertorial post. I’m just a customer of both who’s after getting his grubby little hands on some free beer. The discount links not only give you a great big discount, but they also give me some much-appreciated beer credit. Huzzah! 

Go more in depth on Beer52’s offerings in this review.

Why not have a dekko at this standalone Flavourly review whilst you’re at it?


2 thoughts on “Flavourly vs Beer52 – Splash of the Titans!”

  1. I think you have summed it up well.beer52 is much better product but is more expensive..rarely get a bad beer with 52 but 12 for £32 is almost £2.50 a unit compared with flavourly at 24 for 30 -35 so really should not compare .a bit like comparing waitrose with aldi.both great in their own market

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